Air Care

A fragrance influences a person's state of mind. Some researches show that the sense of smell is the only sense we cannot voluntarily do without and that our olfactory memory is much larger than that related to any other sense. A smell activates our memory; memory acts on our emotions sparking off a certain state of mind.

With this in mind, different air care systems can be used with the objective of creating comfortable atmospheres in accordance with the activity developed in each of them. A citric, fresh fragrances to fill the office with good mood and energy; a warm enveloping fragrance at home; a soft, relaxing fragrance for a waiting room...

The lifestyle and main values of each period have marked the trends of perfumery in general and air care in particular. During th e 90s, people lookd for simplicity and purity. In the turn of the century a transition to more profound feelings, intense emotions and authenticity is experienced.

In the new Millenium, new values are emerging: ecology and sustainable growth.

Other relevant factors gain importance such as the concept of interconnection, in which people from all around the world share ideas and styles.

All these concepts together with the determining factors of space and effect we wish to convey will help us in making the right choice of the most adequate fragrance to aromatize a space.

The Air Care fragrances are classified in the following categories: