Personal Care

Personal care products are in constant innovation and therefore the continuous growth of the sector.

A larger life expectancy with the consequent aging of the population, the development of natural and organic ingredients and the increasing interest in the distribution of private branding entail an increase of the demand of personal care products, as well as a marked preference for products with a higher added value.

There is also a clear trend towards the preference for natural products. Manufacturers invest in R&D to develop more innovating and efficient products in order to gain new clients.

Innovation is no longer an exclusive feature of the brand leaders. Private branding also presents a great capacity of adaptation to the new trends with sophisticated solutions at an appealing price.

The design of fragrances for this sector requires a high level of creativity as well as a very rigorous work to adapt to the new formulations. Perfume is one of the most complex ingredients in a formula because it is made up of tenths of compounds with a wide variety of functionalities that can lead to multiple reactions. The long experience and deep knowledge of our R&D department enable us, together with our clients, to create successful fragrances that adapt to each of the applications.

The Personal Care fragrances are classified in the following categories: