These are our latest blends, inspired by both the Arabian fragrances that travelled from the Arabian Peninsula and the classic French style fragrances. This range of mixes wants to be an opened window towards the Arabian universe of fragrances.

Some of them can be clearly identified as Arabian-like fragrances, others are purely French and the rest are ensembles of the two worlds, but they still have the so special and interesting amber warmth.

They are composed with the traditional French Perfumery and the particular Middle East ingredients such as precious woods like Sandalwood and Agarwood, which are usually the base of their accords. They can be paired with floral, spicy, citrus notes, etc.

This diversity of products can be adapted for different applications including: mukhallats, attars, incense pieces (bakhoors-style tests), candles, sprays …

Our R&D team is focused on developing and testing these perfumes in order to create very long lasting and intense perfumes.