Air Conditioning

This is an air freshening system thought for large areas: shops, shopping centres, theatres, hospitals, hotels or all kind of public spaces.

It requires the installation of some sort of centralised air conditioning conduction.

Through a peristaltic pump the air freshener is dosed directly in the air conditioning conduit. The airflow will spread the fragrance all over the area. Depending on the area to be freshened the dose can be programmed to be more or less continuous.

In this case, the variety of notes is infinite. It can be chosen from the standard range or it can be specifically designed.

Taking a step forward in the aromatisation of spaces we find the concept of Olfactory Marketing. It consists in linking a product or service concept to a fragrance so that the consumer or user is reminded of the product when smelling the fragrance. This technique brings the generation of a differentiating factor that reinforces and complements the image of a brand. Our creative and technical departments work on the design of exclusive olfactory firms in accordance with the specifications and ideas of our clients.