Air Stick Fresheners

Air stick fresheners are long life air fresheners and together with an elegant design they become the ideal format for decorating and freshening small spaces such as home environment or an office.

It is the simplicity of the product what makes it especially attractive. It is a bottle containing the fragrance diluted in alcohol. The bottle’s narrow neck contributes to keep the aroma for a longer time. Rattan sticks – a vegetable fibre formed by small capillary tubes along which the sap that feeds the plant runs- are introduced in the bottle. In the case of the air fresheners it is the fragrance that runs along these capillaries which spreads in the air. The intensity of the smell can be dosed by adding more or less sticks. No heating system is required.

The fragrances used for this kind of air fresheners must be conveniently designed so that the smell does not change throughout the product’s life. For such purpose, the weight loss of each of the compounds must be proportional to its vapour pressures. This type of fragrances is called lineal fragrances.

Ravetllat Aromatics has a wide range of olfactory notes available designed specifically for this kind of application.

Test conditions

Orientative formula: 20% fragrance / 80% ethanol

- 20 sqm space

- 12 rattan sticks

- Evaluation after 24 hours