Arabian Fragrances

Inspired by the Arabian fragrances that travelled from Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, this range of oriental scents wants to be an opened window towards the Arabian world of fragrances.

Some of them can be clearly identified as Arabian-like fragrances. They are composed with products that have been known for centuries in the Middle East. Precious woods such as Sandalwood and Agarwood are the base of those fragrances’ woody accords. They can be paired with a rose essence, which has a highly-appreciated floral note. Warm and spicy, saffron is also a prized ingredient.

Some others have more occidental accents, but they still have the so special warm, spicy and amber note that makes them oriental.

This range of products’ application field is wide by means of adaptations: candles, air fresheners (spray, electrical), attars… So far, our R&D team has been focusing on testing those oriental perfumes on incense pieces (bakhoor-style tests).

The fragrance evaluation is performed with a blend of incense and sandalwood powders/water blend where perfume is incorporated. All tests have been carried out with 20% of perfume.

The perfumed samples are dried for 24 hours before use.

During the tests we evaluate the performance of the fragrance, combustion, fragrance note and remaining fragrance intensity in air. We evaluate the performance of the fragrance burning, and remaining intensity and fragrance note in air.

Below are listed the fragrances that we consider of high interest. Fore each one, you will find an evaluation of intensity in incense application.

Test conditions

-    Incense base: sandalwood and incense powders + water
-    Perfume dosage: 20%
-    24 hours drying phase

Arabian Perfumes
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