Atomizer - Sprays

Within the wide variety o fair freshening methods available in the market, atomizers are the simplest and most versatile option.

The essence dissolved in alcohol and water is sprayed in the air with a manual atomizer. The duration of the fragrance in the environment is achieved with a micro-spraying that guarantees the suspension of the fragrance in the air. The smaller the drop, the better it will suspend, and therefore, a higher persistence of the fragrance in the air. That is why the quality of the atomizer is essential. The alcohol used –ethylic or isopropyl- will also have an influence in the quality of the air freshener. This system is generally used for home environment or small working areas or also to reinforce the action of other types of air fresheners at specific moments.

There is an infinite variety of olfactory notes that can be used and that adapt to the market trends. From the most classic, citrus fresh, floral or woody fragrances to those that follow the olfactory trends of the exclusive fine fragrances.

Other trends developed over the last years and still in use are:

-    Fragrances that evoke nature
-    Fragrances that evoke the relaxed atmosphere of spas and wellness centres
-    Gourmand fragrances that evoke food aromas and make us feel in a homely atmosphere such as the aroma of freshly baked bread or a chocolate cake
-    Aromatherapy essences: these are fragrances that have an influence on our state of mind due to their specific composition.

The creative department at Ravetllat Aromatics Works constantly to perceive these new market trends and create new fragrances accordingly.