Products that are increasingly becoming part of the usual hair washing and hair care include:

- Treatment products: conditioners (with or without rinsing), masques, serums…
- Styling products: gels, mousses, hairsprays, fixing hairsprays, spray gels… 


As far as the first are concerned, they are cosmetics aimed at helping to style and untangle hair as well as protecting hair against external agents such as the sun, wind or heating

These products are made of a creamy base containing cationic surfactants and other components such as proteins and lipids or natural fats, which are basically natural oils such as olive oil, almond or corn oil; resides, they have a pleasant scent that contributes to the creamy sensation of the product and a pleasant smell on our hair.

Therefore, in many cases, the fragrance influences the consumer’s purchase decision. In these products, the surfactants acting as hydrating agents are usually quaternary amines, generally with a ‘fishy’ note that needs to be covered. Furthermore, they are usually products with an acid pH, between 3 and 4 that can react with the base, changing the character of the fragrance.

All this must be taken into consideration when formulating the fragrance, especially if the intention is to launch a shampoo and conditioner with the same fragrance into the market.

The usual dosage is 0.2-0.5%.