Fine Fragrances

Every year, the perfume market is flooded by about 300 new fine fragrances. The most luxurious Maisons are playing their best game to make THE perfume launch that will impress and have an impact on the Fine Fragrances’ world.

Indeed, just like the handbag, the watch or the hat you wear with your outfit, perfume has become a fashion accessory. The fact makes it easier to understand the important challenge that represents such a valuable and paradoxically wide-bought product release.

From the classical mild floral perfume to the bold surrounding one, the choice of a perfume is a delicate election considering its value and the impact it can have on the user’s mood.

Aware of that, at Ravetllat, we pay a particular attention to the selection and the development of the brand new fragrances on the market as well as the highly appreciated classical perfumes.
Our aim is to provide you a wide range of fragrances that suits your needs: a fresh fragrance summer note, a woody animalized scent or a bold hypnotic fragrance. The offer diversity is our strength.

Our R&D team is working everyday in collaboration with the commercial department to target your need an propose a wide range of Fine Fragrances. We highlight a selection of 16 fragrances for both male and female that we consider of special interest.

All the compositions we offer have been tested at 8% in alcohol. Consequently, due to the percentage of perfume, they are called Eau de toilette. Therefore, it is possible to use those perfumes for Eau de Parfum or Parfum, with of course a percentage increase.

Eau de Toilette recipe

- 8% perfume + 70% alcohol + 22% water
- Blend maceración time: 1 month
- 1 day in fridge at +/- 4º C
- Filtration of the blend