Fragance Burners

Fragrance burners are one of the most classical, simple and economic decoration air fresheners.

In ancient times, this type of evaporators was already applied in healing therapies, using natural essences. They were also used as a means of environment scenting because it conveyed luxury and power, something available only for a select few.

At present, fragrance burners are used as home air fresheners, although, they are also attributed some effects on a person’s state of mind: a relaxing, soothing, energizing effect … according to bibliographical sources.

They are very simple to use. A few drops of essence are added to a container with water that is usually heated with a candle. When the water evaporates it entrains the essence that spreads all over the room. Due to the flame and for safety reasons, these fragrances must be highly non-flammable. Furthermore, it is important that all the fragrance compounds have the same evaporation speed so that the note and the character of the burner remain unchangeable throughout its duration.

This air freshening system has been used since ancient times.

Some fragrances are attributed and effect on the state of mind.