Multipurpose Cleaners

Multipurpose cleaners, also known as floor cleaners, cleaning fluid, and general cleaners are detergents for tough surfaces that can be applied to all surfaces compatible with water (kitchens, bathrooms, floors, plastic materials, windows,...) They are used in dilution at 0,5-2% and the surfaces, once clean, are not rinsed nor dried.

Fragrance, an important additive

Although the main function of the fragrance is to provide a pleasant scent to the product covering the bad odour of some ingredients, it is an element of growing importance. It contributes to increase the feeling of cleanness and therefore the feeling of product efficiency. In some products it plays an air freshening role. In many cases the fragrance becomes advertising and contributes to mark the differentiate the product from other brands.

Orientative formula
Considering the name “multipurpose” includes such a large quantity of different products, formulas can be very different. In any case and as an overall concept we can present the following approximate formula:


- Anionic surfactants:1-10%
- Non-anionic surfactants:1-6%
- Soap: 0-2%
- Sequestering agents: 1-5%
- Solvents: 0-5%
- Hydrotopes: 0-10%
- Fragrance: 0,5-2%
- Artificial colour:+
- Preservatives: +
- Water: up to 100