Olfactive Marketing

It’s a science based in the use of flavours provoking memories or simply pleasant sensations when entering a shop or a building. Even it is relatively very new, it has a high index of expansion.

This technique of fragrance designing, which was thought for buildings, companies or concrete products, helps to reinforce the brand image and also it can create favourable environments for working and consuming.

Ravetllat Aromatics has a collaboration agreement with Akewuele, a company born back in 2007 as a revolutionary small box, a message and an aroma. What started being an invention to evoke sensations was transformed –only two years after its inception – in an olfactive marketing company devoted to communicate with an aroma, to freshen rooms and to wake up new emotions. Currently, Akewuele is a sensorial communications company which works for the most important country’s companies.

Nowadays, the main Akewuele’s activity is setting up the perfect atmosphere for spaces: shops, theatres, conferences, exhibitions, health centres … Other sectors where they work are: transports, banks, malls, hotels, sports centres, and restaurants.

They have their own aromatization machines, based in a nebulizer system